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Sam Moody - Certifying Plumber
Moods Plumbing Owner / Director - Sam Moody

Sam Moody - Certifying Plumber


Sam Moody (aka Moods) is a Canterbury lad with a committed work ethic. He prioritises getting the results desired by his customers. Sam loves the ocean and mountains, so if he’s not on the tools you might catch him at the beach chasing waves on his surfboard or up the hill looking for fresh powder on his snowboard. He is a man who maintains an open mind while putting himself in situations for growth and forward thinking.

Sam started his plumbing apprenticeship with Cashmere company AP Plumbing in 2004. Since then he has had great exposure to a variety of plumbing work including new housing outfits, retrofits/alterations, commercial construction, rural plumbing and the most important and most continual aspect of plumbing – residential maintenance.

Sam learned his trade from AP Plumbings’ Petherbridge boys – some of the best in the industry – who have had plumbing in their blood for three generations. The boys exposed Sam to their positive job site environment which encouraged getting the job done while not losing sight of the bigger things in life.

After finishing his time and passing the registration exam, Sam took off and moved to California to work for Davis Plumbing based out of Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles. Surfing and plumbing in a new environment was a valuable life experience for Sam which he embraced with open arms. After his visa expired, Sam dropped the tools, picked up his surfboard and backpacked his way down to Central America where he lived and worked at a surf camp giving surf lessons and enjoying the tropics.

The travel bug that lies in most Kiwis was biting Sam, so his next four years were spent working, saving, traveling, surfing and snowboarding. During this time, Sam worked on a yacht involved in a sailing expedition from New Zealand to Tahiti and then back to New Zealand. The expedition took Sam around many Pacific Islands as he crewed on a support boat to a fleet of traditionally designed sailing Vakas.

Sam’s most recent adventure to Canada and the USA saw Sam and two close mates moving to the Northern Ontario bush to plant trees for a silviculture company. Living hours from civilisation for five months and out of tents in a camp with 60 other dudes and chicks was unforgettable. The work was very challenging and the living conditions were hard, but the experience left Sam with enough stories to last a lifetime!

After a winter snowboarding in British Colombia, Canada, Sam was offered a management position for the second summer season with Heritage Reforestation Inc. doing tree deliveries and camp maintenance. There he used his plumbing and construction skills to set up camp facilities and run the water to the kitchen trailer at every relocation.

Returning home Sam now moves forward with Christchurch in its rise from the rubble. Sam passed his Certifying Plumbing exam in late 2013 which gives Moods Plumbing Ltd. the power to employ new staff, sign off new builds and sign producer statements which comply with local council standards.

In building his business, Sam wants to emphasise the importance of future proofing new construction and installing quality New Zealand made products.

Sean Duport - Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainage Tradesman
Sean Duport - Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainage Tradesman

Sean Duport - Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainage Tradesman

Sean Dupont was raised in Adelaide, South Australia. He enjoys playing and watching most sports. Growing up he played Aussie Rules up until the the age of 24. He still follows football and is learning about NZ rugby.

He also enjoys the thrill of a jet ski, going outdoors and being hands on. He knows that's why he enjoys being a plumber - he likes the physical work involved with the trade.

Sean has joined a cross-fit gym and was recently introduced to Zuu, which he enjoys the challenge of.

He completed an adult apprenticeship after his time in the Australian Defence Force. He worked for 5 years in Darwin, Australia with a local company call NT Plumbing Maintenance Service where he aquired some alot of his skills and tricks of the trade. Moods Plumbing is showing him the NZ (proper) way.

He relocated to New Zealand with his wife midway through 2016 and joined Moods Plumbing. They are now proud to be calling Christchurch home.

Sean is a very valuable team member of Moods Plumbing and we value his great skills, friendly manner, Aussie sense of humor and cheeky smile.



Linda Klok - Administrative Assistant
Linda Klok - Administrative Assistant

Linda Klok - Administrative Assistant

Linda Klok joined the Moods Plumbing team in 2014 as bookkeeper and administrative assistant.

She is originally from South Africa, where she worked in bookkeeping, administration and marketing fields. She was also working in a bank as programmer, but got bored and then did tour guiding in Zimbabwe for a few months. After getting married, she helped her husband in his engineering workshop. They immigrated to New Zealand in 2006, where they settled in Christchurch. After the priviledge of New Zealand Citizenship, her family now calls Christchurch their permanent home.

She has a passion for people and small businesses. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and the new friends that they have made in New Zealand. Linda loves music, reading and doing art with her kids (when she has time).

Linda has been a vital part of growing Moods Plumbing. She has introduced some systems and accounting stuff that has revolutionised how we do things behind the scenes.  

Currently she looks after the accounts, administration, payroll and our website. Linda says she loves working in a team that cares about their customers, team members and the environment. 


The builder on site said you and your guys were great to work with. You were really professional, easy to deal with and tidy. He was really impressed.

- Clare Giltinan from Procuro Building and Renovations