When you start planning your renovations, be sure to call Moods Plumbing Ltd for a quote.

A retrofit or alteration covers the full spectrum of plumbing works. Replacing leaky hot water cylinders, renewing waste pipes and updating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry is easy with your recommended plumbers.

We cover all your renovation plumbing needs and we're local. We can install solar panels to boost your water heating. We can also install additions to your plumbing system to make it tick better and cost you less. We can upgrade your old low pressure hot water cylinder to a brand new mains pressure hot water cylinder.

Moods Plumbing has a great knack for problem solving. If you require EQC repairs to be done and plumbing is in the scope – we can help. Rigid galvanised pipes didn’t fare too well in Christchurch’s earthquakes, so when you need to renew or update your pipework, let us put in new pipes and fittings that are New Zealand made while not breaking the bank.

Dux Industries are the biggest supplier to New Zealand’s top plumbers and it’s no surprise considering their superior range of quality products. Moods Plumbing Ltd exclusively installs Dux Secura Gold and we stand by their products and our workmanship.